Monday, January 26, 2009

Starting Up

Welcome everyone! In this initial posting, I want to give all of you a little background info on me, and what I hope to accomplish with this blog. First of all, my name is Jeffrey and I am a chef in Atlanta. I've lived in Mississippi for 22 years, moved to Charlotte, NC for one year to attend culinary school at Johnson & Wales University, and have since taken up residence in the Atlanta area. I have a passion for all cuisines Southern, but I will gladly venture anywhere in the city for a good meal, regardless of native cuisine.

I want to write about all of my great restaurant experiences both within the Atlanta area, and anywhere I may travel. As any true food nerd would, I still have menus and notes from previous dining experiences, so I can recall some of those more easily for you all. I just acquired a camera, so there will be pictures for any future restaurant adventures. The point of this is to serve as a celebratory sounding board for great Atlanta restaurants. While I may have (and have had) some lackluster meals, I will try to solely focus on the good ones. There will also be several postings entitled BurgerQuest. One of my colleagues and I are on a search for the best burger in Atlanta, and I will review all of them here. Any suggestions and feedback are both welcome and encouraged. Also, I will post random food musings and the occasional cooking technique, should there be a demand for it. Hope you all enjoy the site.

Happy eatings,

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